Domestic Vehicle Sales in Japan for 2017 Reported Higher by 5.3%

Total domestic vehicle sales in Japan for 2017 were reported as 5.23 million units, higher by 5.3% from the 4.97 million of the previous year. Japan is the world’s third largest individual car market after China and the US. Passenger car sales were up by 5.8% for the year to 4.39 million units, while commercial vehicles including trucks and buses rose 2.9% y/y.

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Domestic sales for the month of December actually declined marginally, down 0.8% from the comparable period of last year at 394,254 vehicles, with a similar drop in passenger car sales to 330,300 units. December vehicle sales also fell 3.1% m/m. For comparison, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association reported total sales of 5.05 million units in 2015. A strengthening economy could portend further increases in Japanese domestic car sales through 2018.

The Bank of Japan tapered its monthly purchases of long-dated bonds by ¥20 billion last week, less than 4% of the normal buying level, sparking speculation that monetary policy could begin to see some modest tightening later in the year. But the slight reduction in purchases may be little more than an interim adjustment and not a precursor of policy change. In 2016 the BoJ stated that short-term interest rates would remain at -0.1% and that yields on the 10-year bond would be fixed at zero percent with a goal to reflate the economy. The most recent report on consumer inflation of 0.9% is still well short of the 2% target inflation rate set by the BoJ. The Japanese economy grew at an annualized 2.5% in the latest 3rd quarter 2017 data, exceeding earlier projections of 1.7% in calendar 2017; the Japanese economy posted growth of only 1.0% in 2016.

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