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Employees At Key Metal Refining Give A New Meaning To CATS

Key Metal Refining (KMR), a company which purchases catalytic converters (cats) for the recovery of Platinum Group Metals, has a love for another type of cat…the feral kind.

The Back Story:  When noticing large numbers of cats roaming outside of the company’s plant, Office Manager Cheyanne Bruno decided to take her love for animals to a new level. Alongside her father, company President John D. Bruno, his wife Beth, and Purchasing Manager Mike Crosby, the four decided to house the feral felines.

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Creating insulated “kitty houses” outside of the back of the plant, the foursome has been able to save dozens of strays that may not have otherwise been able to survive the cold weather.

Prepping for adoption, the cats were also taken to the vet, where each one was spayed or neutered.

Fun Fact:  “We’ve always had a love for animals, so we couldn’t just stand by and not do anything to help these little guys”, said Cheyanne Bruno. She went on to say, “Mike, my father, mother and I decided that we should house them, so we created insulated kitty houses. We’ve gotten about 30 of them fixed and some have already been adopted.”

While Cheyanne was the first to adopt one of KMR’s rescued cats, the Bruno family have been an avid dog and cat lovers for years.

As a canine agility trainer, Beth has participated in national dog competitions for the past 10 years and recently finished third best in the nation.

Although Key Metal Refining is in the rugged automotive scrap industry, for its employees there is no objection to their new furry four-legged friends.

“It’s funny because we buy cats and also house them,” said John Bruno. “For us at KMR it’s the best of both worlds.”

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