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Knowing Your Clientele and Customer Base Is Paramount When Growing a Successful Business

John D. Bruno breaks down clients served and his philosophy of customer relationships.  In a business where fairness, transparency, and trust are key, knowing your clientele and customer base is paramount when growing a successful business.

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Who are the clients you serve?

The clients that we serve are in the automotive recycling industry. They work in shredding yards like large dismantlers or are who we refer to as core buyers. Our customers are largely looking to sell their catalytic converters which is an important part of our business. We specialize in buying catalytic converters from our buyers based on each converter’s value.

Do you specialize in being able to identify the value of the material of catalytic converters?

We do a good job of it. Knowing what to do and from the experience of handling and processing a lot of them. I wouldn’t say that we’re exclusively knowing. Just that I think we’re more transparent and more upfront about it.

We make it easy for our customers to move their material. Our buyers know that we are going to do a proper job and they’re working with an honest straightforward operation. We work with people by getting to know their business and help them out in other ways. We interact with them more than just from the platinum sales.

Who’s in control of the transaction?

Our customers. They’re in control of the whole transaction. We don’t hide things. We try to educate our buyers. In the past, people took advantage of them. So trust needs to be built because they really don’t know what the value is of their material.

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About Key Metal Refining LLC Key Metal Refining (KMR) buys scrap catalytic converters as the raw material source for its platinum group metal sales generated through its recovery and refining process. KMR’s controlling partner is DOWA Metals and Mining Co. America, a wholly owned subsidiary of DOWA Holdings Co, Ltd. KMR de-cans catalytic converters at its plant in Hainesport New Jersey. The material is further refined and smelted by DOWA in Japan.