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New Educational Resources For Catalytic Converter Sellers

Reposted from Canadian Business Tribune

Catalytic converter recycling company Key Metal Refining LLC announced it will be creating educational resources to educate sellers of scrap catalytic converters about the terminology and processes surrounding the sampling and assays of spent automotive catalyst.

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“A lot of money is spent sampling and doing assays of the materials collected.  Ultimately, the value is determined by an assay of a sample presumed to be representative of the entire lot. Very few people understand how much consideration needs to go into a good sampling protocol and how much the measured content could vary around the actual.

Minimizing the variance also adds more cost to the sampling process. Therefore, one needs to balance the costs of sampling with the overall value of the lot. Very few people understand the difference between accuracy and variance which leads to misinterpretation of results.” stated John D. Bruno of Key Metal Refining.

He went on to say about sampling systems “The challenge is to define accuracy and to prove that our sample is representative of a lot.  We want to know the magnitude of the variance and that it varies around the actual content. To do this is technically challenging. It takes a lot of quality control and monitoring and constant checking and verification.”

Pierre Gy, arguably the most cited person in relation to sampling theory, echos Bruno sentiment saying “Sampling must be correct.  If money is to be spent of sampling, the first end to be achieved is to eliminate all sources of sampling incorrectness.  This is the only way of eradicating sampling biases.”

The new educational information is set to be released during the second quarter of 2018.

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